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McDonald's Happy Table brings NFC fun for phones

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Birthdays at McDonald’s will never be the same again. The fast food chain has launched tables equipped with NFC, that let kids and adults alike use their phones to play games on the surface.

To pair your phone, just tap it on the Happy Table. Then move your handset along the surface, and a car and road appear on the screen, letting you race along. Just careful you don’t fall off the edge.

There are other games, too. You can fight bad guys to help Ronald McDonald organise a party for everyone in McDonald Land. Or you can play a game where you have to whack moles, or sink your opponent’s battleships.

Here’s how it works. NFC smart tags are stuck to the underside of the table. As you pass over them, the next piece of track appears on your phone. Follow the track to stay on and win the game. Score one of the best times, and you’ll win yourself an apple pie.

The Happy Table is only in Yishun, Singapore at the moment. But McDonald’s will launch it throughout Asia, and hopefully it’ll reach these shores eventually.
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