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  1. AT&T Study: We Should Kill Copper Since You're Not Using It

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    AT&T has been working hard to gut regulations governing traditional phone service so they can exit the landline (DSL & POTS) business in numerous areas and focus on the real money maker: wireless. To do this, they've been going state to state, promising locals a cornucopia of broadband upgrades -- if only locals agree to eliminate all pesky remaining regulations.

    Read more over at Ars Technica and DSLReports.
  2. Backdoor in US emergency alert systems

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    Security researchers at IOActive discovered that publicly available firmware updates for emergency alert systems by Digital Alert Systems
    and Monroe Electronics include SSH keys that enable remote attackers to log in as root. The US-CERT's advisory also mentions other vulnerabilities that affect the generation of passwords and session IDs or provide access to log files that could potentially contain sensitive information. Applying firmware updates will resolve the ...