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  1. Androrat - Malware for Android

    The textual commentary is in French, but it's pretty self explanatory.
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  2. Hijacking a Facebook account with SMS

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    This post will demonstrate a simple bug which will lead to a full takeover of any Facebook account, with no user interaction. Enjoy.

    Details here.

    Facebook has since patched the exploit. The article mentions that in the UK, if you send a text of "F" to 32665, you'll get your confirmation code. The same sms shortcode works in the US. To find yours, see: Facebook SMS shortcodes.
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  3. New WiFi Protocol Boosts Congested Wireless Network Throughput By 700%

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    Engineers at NC State University (NCSU) have discovered a way of boosting the throughput of busy WiFi networks by up to 700%. Perhaps most importantly, the breakthrough is purely software-based, meaning it could be rolled out to existing WiFi networks relatively easily instantly improving the throughput and latency of the network. As wireless networking becomes ever more prevalent, you may have noticed that your home network is much faster than the WiFi network ...
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  4. Hacking WPA 2 Key using Reaver on Nokia N900

    In this video you will learn how to use Reaver tool on Nokia N900 and Crack WPA2 Wireless Encryption.
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