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  1. Hacking WPA 2 Key using Reaver on Nokia N900

    In this video you will learn how to use Reaver tool on Nokia N900 and Crack WPA2 Wireless Encryption.
    devices , tools , demo , wifi
  2. Physical Drive By Downloads

    Mobile security is still a fairly young practice, but itís not unexplored. Over the past few years, there has been plenty of research on mobile threats, such as exploits, malicious applications, and more recently, drive-by downloads. However, there is at least one aspect of security that is lacking documentation, and that is the physical security of the device. One of Androidís great selling points, customization, is also one of its weakest ...
  3. {bash script} V1.2 is a script in bash to automate some frameworks like
    nmap and ettercap and its made to work on UNIX systems
    (Linux, mac osx , free BSD , solaris)

    zenmap (nmap GUI)
    netool{V1.6}.tar.gz download :
  4. Metasploit module to steal iPhone backups

    Metasploit post exploitation scripts to steal iOS backups.

    For more info visit -
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