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  1. Google Play cracks down on scammers and spammers

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    Google Play has updated its content policy to tighten its rules around in-app advertising, in-app payments and misrepresentation.

    Google Play's relatively lax content policy has led to a few problems that can make the consumer experience very annoying: relentless pop-ups, bloated software, fake reviews to make an app seem better than it is and misleading app descriptions.

    Google has sent an email to third-party developers announcing changes ...
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  2. Androrat - Malware for Android

    The textual commentary is in French, but it's pretty self explanatory.
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  3. CyanogenMod announces secure phone locating, remote wiping service

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    The CyanogenMod team has announced a new service that allows users to locate their lost phones or securely wipe their device (including the contents of the SD card) in case it gets stolen.

    The service will be accessible via the (optional) CyanogenMod Account and, according to the project's head moderator, is better than other similar solutions.

    "This kind of service is something that should be a part of any mobile OS experience, and ...
  4. Nexus 7 2013 Receives Firmware Update

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    Google has managed to solve the multi-touch issue on the new Nexus 7.2 tablets, relegating it to the “Job Completed” segment through the introduction of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update with build number JSS15Q that will include the multi-touch bug fix. This particular new update for the Nexus 7 is available via Over The Air (OTA), so you will just have to be patient if you have not yet received your fix.

    According to Paul Wilcox, a member of Google’s ...
  5. McDonald's Happy Table brings NFC fun for phones

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    Birthdays at McDonald’s will never be the same again. The fast food chain has launched tables equipped with NFC, that let kids and adults alike use their phones to play games on the surface.

    To pair your phone, just tap it on the Happy Table. Then move your handset along the surface, and a car and road appear on the screen, letting you race along. Just careful you don’t fall off the edge.

    There are other games, too. You can fight bad guys ...
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  6. Android Open Source Project now has latest 4.3 fixes for most Nexus hardware

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    The latest Android 4.3 updates brought a slate of unfortunate software bugs to the party, especially to Google's own Nexus devices, ironically enough. Thankfully, the Mountain View crew is hard at work patching things up, as evidenced by the Nexus 7 update earlier today that resolved its multi-touch and GPS issues. Now those fixes are up on AOSP as well, not only with the aforementioned JSS15Q build for the 7-inch tablet, but also the JWR66Y for the rest of the Nexus ...
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  7. Android bug batters Bitcoin wallets

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    Android security engineers have issued fixes that aim to address weaknesses in the mobile operating systems underlying Java Cryptography Architecture. The flaws had enabled theft from certain Android Bitcoin wallet apps.

    Google’s Android security team has issued a patch for the mobile operating system’s built-in pseudorandom number generator (PRNG), after problems with the feature led to some Bitcoin users having a small amount of money stolen.
  8. Android malware is reaching critical mass warns Trend Micro

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    Google's Android mobile operating system is so beset by cyber criminals creating malicious apps that the malware is on track to hit the million mark before the end of 2013, Trend Micro has warned.

    The news is in the security firm's second quarter Security Roundup Report, which reveals that the number of malicious Android apps surged by 350,000 in the first half of 2013, hitting a total of 718,000 by June this year.

    Trend Micro said that ...
  9. Hackers use Android 'master key' exploit in China

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    A security firm says it has identified the first known malicious use of Android's "master key" vulnerability.

    The bug - which was first publicised earlier this month - allows attackers to install code on to phones running Google's mobile operating system and then take control of them.

    Symantec said its researchers had found two apps distributed in China that had been infected using the exploit.

    Google has already taken ...
  10. Google patches 'Master Key' Android hole, already on its way to Samsungs

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    The sky was falling last week when it emerged that there was a major security hole that could mean 900 million Android devices could be vulnerable to hack attacks - but Google has now rolled out a patch.

    It was quite a dramatic state of affairs, with security firm Bluebox reckoning that 99 per cent of Android handsets were vulnerable - there was the potential for nefarious devs to modify app update code.

    Full Article

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