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  1. ZTE Open smartphone with Firefox OS to be sold on eBay for $80

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    The ZTE Open will be available for sale soon on eBay US and UK, just one month after commercial launch
    ZTE will exclusively offer the ZTE Open in Orange on eBay

    Targeted at the first time smartphone user, Firefox OS smartphones are the first devices powered completely by Web technologies. Users get the performance, personalization and price they want in a smartphone packaged in a beautiful, clean, intuitive and easy-to-use experience.
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  2. City of London bans smartphone snooping bin trial due to privacy concerns

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    THE CITY OF LONDON has banned WiFi enabled recycling bins that are being trailed in the region due to their ability to record the movements of and steal data from people passing by.

    The 12 bins, which were placed by startup Renew London, were on trial on Cheapside by St Pauls, and featured LCD screens showing adverts as they tracked the movements of over four million people as they passed via their smartphones.

    However, trials were suspended ...
  3. HP plugs password-leaking printer flaw

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    Security flaws in a range of HP printers create a way for hackers to lift administrator's passwords and other potentially sensitive information from vulnerable devices, infosec experts have warned.

    HP has released patches for the affected LaserJet Pro printers to defend against the vulnerability (CVE-2013-4807), which was discovered by Michal Sajdak of Sajdak discovered it was possible to extract plaintext versions of users' passwords via ...
  4. Windows Phones BLAB passwords to hackers, thanks to weak crypto

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    Rogue Wi-Fi hotspots can hoover up and CRACK encrypted login info

    Microsoft has warned IT departments to batten down their Wi-Fi networks following the discovery of a security vulnerability in Windows Phones that leaks users' passwords.

    Miscreants who set up rogue hotspots can grab from devices employees' encrypted domain credentials, needed to authenticate with corporate systems and access network resources. But the algorithm encrypting ...
  5. AdTrap aims to block all internet advertising

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    AdTrap is a new low-power, zero configuration device which promises to banish adverts from computers, tablets, and anything else connected to the local network. AdTrap's creators point out that their device works not only with full-sized PCs, but everything else connected to your home internet, such as Apple devices running iOS 6 and without the need of third-party apps or jailbreaking. In addition to blocking web browser ads, AdTrap is also reported to remove ...
  6. New WiFi Protocol Boosts Congested Wireless Network Throughput By 700%

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    Engineers at NC State University (NCSU) have discovered a way of boosting the throughput of busy WiFi networks by up to 700%. Perhaps most importantly, the breakthrough is purely software-based, meaning it could be rolled out to existing WiFi networks relatively easily instantly improving the throughput and latency of the network. As wireless networking becomes ever more prevalent, you may have noticed that your home network is much faster than the WiFi network ...
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  7. Working monitor mode on Nexus One & Galaxy S II

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    News and working code/drivers (bcm4329 and bcm4330 chipsets) of this was first released back in late September by three researchers. Injection support has since been added for bcm4329 (Nexus One). They have a Nexus One bundle and EVO 4G bundle available for download, so you no longer need to build it from source. As of this writing, there have been no PoCs for the GS3. It should only be a matter of time though.

    Downloads and more technical ...
  8. Hacking WPA 2 Key using Reaver on Nokia N900

    In this video you will learn how to use Reaver tool on Nokia N900 and Crack WPA2 Wireless Encryption.
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